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Feature Length 3-D 3D Horror Screenplay
Welcome to the Club **
Sitcom Pilot
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Vortex  **
Feature Length Teen Sci Fi Coming of Age Drama Screenplay
Bone Season **
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My scripts have placed at The Austin Film Festival, American Screenwriter's Association/Writer's Digest Screenplay Competition and Jury of Peers. I have studied playwriting at Oxford University (England), and am also an internationally published poet and playwright. My plays have been performed at La Mama Theatre in NYC and Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco. My short film entitled "At Last" *** was produced in Canada in 2006.
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I am an award winning writer and artist who is serious about creating more substance in writing
and art.       Gina Quartermaine
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"At Last" has been produced.***
Petulla Pictures: a different kind of production company.
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Bone Season Haunted House Bone Season by Gina Quartermaine
All scripts on these pages are  available for sale, with the exception of "At Last".
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Award Winning Photographer: Sacred Peace Mandala
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Buddah Wolf ...
Buddah Wolf Transformation by Gina Quartermaine
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A Custom of Time 

An ashen bough
stark as the base of the moon
renders itself nocturnum
and twice told tales whisper
Sans peur et sans reproche
An ancient eye
In blue green pure colors
resounds in its enameled depths
cleansing lifes' truth
Sans peur et sans reproche
in a custom of time.

Gina Quartermaine

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